Satisfaction Guarantee

Promoplus will be giving you a satisfactory guarantee for the best finished goods those you have ordered to us. If we cannot reach your satisfactory then we will give you substitution goods as terms and condition’s applied.

Low Price

Promoplus will be giving you the low price for a better quality products with all undoubted printing’s quality.

  • The lower price of sticky notes compare to those were sold in book store and etc.
  • The lower price for printing with 1 to 5 colors were no differential prices.
  • Internationally standart products those may applied everywhere in the world.
  • The prices were not subject to every binded quantities, for a huge order’s placed you can ask for a discount.

7 Day Shipping

Promoplus will be giving you a guarantee for delivery of your order in 7 working days to you with a terms and conditions may be applied as:

  • Production process will be started after we received a complete documents of your Purchasing Order and setting approval from you.
  • This condition is applied for Standart Pad’s products with maximum 2 colors.
  • The order quantity should be 500 to 5.000 pads
  • Inner Packaging will be wrapped in shrinking plastic for every product and use outer packaging in paper box.

Patent and Trade Mark

Promoplus and its logo is a trade mark in Indonesia Law territory for customized sticky note products of PT. Jasuindo Tiga Perkasa,tbk as the deed of Minister of Law and humanity Republic Indonesia registered by no. IDM000354097 dated 25-April-2012 and 063538 dated 5 – June- 2013.

Copyright Of The Products

Promoplus is obedient and submission to the Law of Republic Indonesia as year 2002 dated 29-July-2002. Promoplus will not be responsible for any trade mark, pictures, shapes, logo, colors, and everything were contained in any setting for finished products that have already approved by customers. Every kinds of violation again those were at own customer responsibity.